Bryant Anglin is a Commercial Risk Manager at RGVI, helping businesses in Georgia, Florida and other states in the Southeast proactively manage, prevent and mitigate risk. Bryant earned his Bachelor of Risk Management and Insurance from Terry College of Business at The University of Georgia in 2014. Bryant comes from an agricultural background, growing up working for and with farms in Georgia, as well as with his father, Chris, a successful farm financier and crop insurer in Camilla, GA. He began his career with Rogers, Gunter, Vaughn Insurance in 2015, and currently holds the Property and Casualty insurance license (2-20) in the State of Florida and Georgia.

Bryant has a passion for the outdoors, which involves a love for duck hunting. In 2010, Bryant founded a popular duck hunters’ social media platform, Quacker Smackers, where he connects hunters all over the US and provides tools to improve the hunting experience. He enjoys supporting the Georgia Bulldogs football team, playing tennis, and spending time with his fiancée, Rachael, and their two dogs, Cooper and Reese.