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Pet Insurance Part 2

Pet Insurance Part 2

I recently told you about my dog, Roxy, having cancer. My husband and children decided to go visit his Dad and Lena one weekend. We could not board Roxy or leave her with anyone so I stayed home with her. I decided since it was me and her, that I would take her to do her bucket list. Now, I was not 100% sure what things a dog at 15 yrs old would want to do but I know she likes to ride. So we took a ride and dropped off some old electronics at the Leon County Waste Facility. After dropping these things off, I thought, let's go to the dog park at Tom Brown Park. What dog does not like checking out other dogs? Now, if you have not been to the dog park, you should go. They have different areas for different size dogs, they have balls for you to throw, they have picnic tables for you to sit at too. Roxy enjoyed running around checking out all the dogs. When I figured she had had enough of the playful dogs, we went for a short hike on one of the trails. We met families hiking, individuals working out and just some that were strolling along. Oh course, Roxy just wanted them to pet her, maybe that is why she likes going for walks, hemmm? Roxy seemed to really enjoyed it when the train came by. I am not sure that she had ever seen or heard a train (did I mention she is about deaf?), but I am sure she heard this one as we were pretty close. I decided that we could eat right there at the park so we found a place around a little pond and had a picnic. Having a picnic with your owner has got to be on a dogs bucket list, right? Yes, I brought her some of her dog food and a bowl for her water. She was not interested in her food so I figured she must be tired so we just sat there for a little while "people" watching. When she was ready, we took a ride back home, but only after we stopped at Children's Lighthouse to drop off some clothes items. Did I mention, she likes to ride? When we got home, I figured she might like some dessert, it is her bucket list after all. I gave her an orange freezer pop. I guess I wore her out doing her bucket list because I found her a few minutes later sleeping. I bet sleeping was on her bucket list. I hope she enjoyed her day. Do you think I missed something that a dog might like to do? If so, feel free to email me more ideas at I would love to hear your ideas and you never know, Roxy and I may do some of them.


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