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Pet Insurance Part 1

Pet Insurance Part 1

About three months ago, I discovered my dog, Roxy, had a growth on her bottom gums which turned out to be cancer. She is 15 years old and doing quite well. The options the vet gave us were to do surgery and remove most of her jaw or let it be. When they told me about this, I immediately thought, what kind of life would that be for her if we removed part of her jaw and... OH MY how much would that cost? You see, I do not have pet insurance. We have health insurance and many workplaces offer it but I never really thought about health insurance for my pet. All kinds of thoughts went through my head. Roxy is like one of my children. (She behaves much better than my children.) I also thought I am an insurance agent. Why did I not think about protecting my furry good child, like I protect my human children? Auto-Owners has a product called FIGO that will pay 100%, 80% or whatever amount I choose, for medical costs on a reimbursement basis. It has an annual deductible. I can choose from a set amount of vet fees to unlimited. It even has a mobile app so I can keep track of all bills, check-ups, claims, and anything else I need to know about my pet on this app. I can also look up pet parks, pet stores, vets, or even dog walkers if I am out of town. Why did I not check into this? I am really not sure, but sure wish I had. It's too late for Roxy as pre-existing conditions are excluded. But it does not mean that my next furry child won't have the coverage. 


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